We provide windshield replacement service for all makes and models of vehicles, including heavy equipment, motorhomes, and classic cars.

Your glass claim can be setup directly instore with one of our customer service representatives, saving you a call or trip to an insurance broker. A standard replacement typically takes up to three hours and is done by our government certified technicians, with only the highest quality parts.

Camera Calibration

New technology in vehicles means most of them are manufactured with one or more cameras installed on the windshield or the headliner. These cameras, such as Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Alert, and Smart Breaking systems etc. are an important safety features that need to be re-calibrated afterwards to insure proper function.  We offer this service in house, which means you don't need to go to the dealership afterwards to have this done. Our certified technicians use the Autel MaxiSys ADAS MA600 calibration system. 

Glass Treatment

We offer an optional glass treatment called Aquapel that can be applied to your vehicles glass, helping keep you safe.  This long-lasting water repellant improves vision and reduces glare while driving in rain, snow or at nighttime. Aquapel also makes clearing ice, snow, bug guts and debris off of your windows easier.

Mirror Replacement

Have a broken or missing side view or rear-view mirror on your vehicle/motorcycle? We can replace it with an aftermarket OEM equivalent (DOT approved) mirror for a fraction of the price instead of buying from a dealership. 


Repairing a rock chip before it turns in to a crack will not only save you money, but it will also restore the structural integrity and optical clarity of your windshield.

The repair itself only takes minutes, with no post-repair curing needed. It will help restore your wiper blade performance and is environmentally friendly as windshields are not recyclable.

Most chip repair costs are now covered through your comprehensive insurance policy. Simply bring your insurance policy in with you and one of our representatives will gladly take care of your claim for you.


Being a ICBC Glass express facility and a trusted member of the Automotive Retailers Associated, we offer an Industry Certified Auto Program (ICAP) Warranty on all auto windshield replacements.

Which means we guarantee our work as long as you own your vehicle.

Other Glass Parts

We do a wide variety of auto glass repairs and replacement parts such as, heavy machinery glass, side window and back glasses, rearview and side mirror replacement parts.

As well we specialize in custom built motorhome and travel trailer windows that are steaming up with condensation.